First project - Peace T-shirt !!YAY!!

Hey guys!  Okay, now that I FINALLY have this blog up and running - I thought I'd start with a very simple T-shirt.  All of the materials that you will need to complete this project are as follows:

1. A plain t-shirt - I got mine from Target - round neck
2. 1/3 yard of coordinating fabric
3.  Thread

Okay, this project is very easy.  **Free "peace" pattern at Sally's Fabrics :) 
Cut out the pattern pieces keeping all parts, the four triangles, and the peace circle.  (This t-shirt can actually be made two different ways - see "note" below.)  As shown, you will use the two small triangles and the two larger triangles of your pattern.  You will need to save the shape of the peace sign to use as a guide.  At this point you will use the four triangles - place them on your fabric, pin, and proceed to cut them out.

Now, fold your peace "guide" in half to find the center of your pattern.  Next, place the outer circle (your guide) approximately 1 1/2- 2 inches below the neckline of your t-shirt being very careful to place the guide in the exact center of your t-shirt.  (I folded my t-shirt in half to find the center.)  Now, using a kids glue stick, apply glue to the four FABRIC triangle pieces of your peace sign, and glue them to your t-shirt, using your paper peace circle as your guide as to where the fabric triangles belong.  What is awesome about this process is that when you wash your shirt the glue will dissolve and disappear; but, in the meantime the glue will hold your fabric pieces in place so that you can sew the triangle pieces in place without using any pins.  This method also helps the fabric triangles to stay in place without producing any annoying bubbles in your project.

Lastly, sew the triangles in place, making sure that you stitch very close to the outer edges.  As you wash your t-shirt the outer edges of your peace sign will fray, giving that unfinished frayed look that is so in style right now.

Now you are done!  That's it... very easy.

**Note:  This project can be done another way.  Instead of using the triangle pieces as your pattern pieces, use the actual peace circle and upside down fork symbol with the circle as your pattern piece.  Pin pattern piece to fabric, cut out, apply to t-shirt with kids glue stick, and stitch edges.  I've done it this way as well; and, it looks soo cool!  When stitching, remember that you need to stitch the inner and outer edges of your peace circle as well as the inner and outer fork sections of your peace symbol... and then your done.

Good luck!


Jen the bibliophile said...

So, I'm not the most experienced sewer, but I really really love this shirt. I would totally wear it, and you know my style, so that's saying something! I love it!

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

ByTheSea said...

Hi.. I was wondering if you could tell me where the pattern is for this t-shirt.. I couldnt find it anywhere. Thank you.. Joy