Project Monday - or Tuesday :)

Okay, so here is the exciting news!  I am going to attempt to not only have a project of the month, and encourage "AS SEEN IN...," but, brace yourself,  I am going to attempt a new project each Monday and call it PROJECT MONDAY!  Sound familiar?  I hope so.

Okay, today I wanted to show you a few pictures of some make-up bags I actually made my teenager daughters last Christmas.  They had to have been a hit because honestly, they use no other make-up bags.  What is so convenient is that they fit everything.   Seriously, if you are a teenager, like mine, you are always getting ready at someone else's house.  Sound familiar?  These make-up bags not only hold your most important make-up; but, they also fit a flat iron, brushes, combs, as well as anything else that you just have to have.  They are so easy to take on the go.  Okay, just look... aren't they sooo COOL!
Following, I will import the directions.  Now I have started using Scribd.  Because you are a teen you probably already know about this, but if not, I will explain.  Scribd is awesome because on the three buttons on the Scribd  imported page, you can either enlarge the directions, you can download the directions, or you can print the directions.  I love it.   (Please excuse the poor print quality.  I would highly recommend downloading or in fact, enlarging the directions.)  This bag is easy to make - from beginning to end just over an hour.  I need to reference here Sew News, issue December 2008/January 2009.  This is where I got this pattern; and, if I haven't mentioned before, I just love sewing magazines because they have such great projects with very descriptive directions.

So good luck.  Please e-mail me with any questions, or better yet, come into Sally's Fabrics.


Sallys Beauty Bag on the Go