Circle Lamp - DIRECTIONS!

Lamp Picture

What you need:

Depending on what size shade you would like to cover, select a solid fabric for the base. ( I bought my lamp at a thrift store for $3.00, spray painted the base and used the existing shade )  Measure the circumference of the shade and the width, then cut your fabric with a ½” extra on each side. 
*I chose five different complimentary color fat quarters.  This gave me plenty of fabric to cut four different size circles from.  I did 2 ½”, 2”, 1 ½” and 1” circles and cut around 10 of each size.  It really all depends on the size lamp shade you use. 
*An Olfa Circle Cutter or 4 circle templates cut out of durable paper in different sizes.
*An Olfa Self Healing Mat – available at Sally’s Fabrics
*Complimentary colored thread for the zig zag
*Any lightweight bonding adhesive – you can use a fusible bonding material or a spray adhesive to hold the circles in place of pinning them.
*A hot glue gun


1.     The Olfa Circle Cutter is a blessing.  I folded over the fabric and was able to cut a few circles at a time to reduce time.  I also used my own half circle templates that I cut out of cardboard.  I placed the templates on the fold and cut around the shape to make my circles.  I could also cut multiples of these by layering my pieces and cutting a few at a time.
2.     Once you have all your circles cut, arrange them on your workspace and lay out your base fabric.  I did a practice run with my circles to see what arrangement I liked best.  I began by laying my largest circles down first and then layering the different sizes until the base fabric doesn’t show through anywhere. 
3.     After I had a plan I began spraying my pieces, starting with the largest ones, and arranged them how I liked them.  Once you have all your circles in place make sure there are some overlapping on one end.  This will insure your joining seam will be invisible when done.
4.     Start your zig zag on the end that does not have the circles overlapping.  Complete your row, cut your thread and begin your next row 1/8” from the previous row.  Continue this process until you have covered your piece and all circles are secure. 
5.     put your fabric over your lampshade and pin tightly.  Slide the tube off the lampshade and join the seam using the same technique so the zig zag blends in. 
6.     Place your tube back over your shade and warm up your hot glue gun.
7.     At this point all you have to do is roll over the ends as if hemming a skirt then gluing them down.  Put your shade on, your light bulb in and plug it in!  Voila – Have Fun!!!