So...have you ever passed through a store at the mall or online and thought "I wish I could make that?" or how about this?  I LOVE THAT... but, I don't have enough money to buy it .

Well at Sew Teen Generation we will do all we can to, to provide demonstrations that will stretch your mind.  Hopefully, in time, you will want to transform items you already have at home, items that you no longer use, or perhaps items that you want to make just just a little more YOU!  So, lets begin with our first item in our

AS SEEN IN.... collection.

This is a lamp, which was featured in Anthropolgie.  I love that store! But  hence, many of the items there are a little too expensive for my budget.  At Sally's Fabrics, one of our employees saw this lamp featured on the Anthropolgie website for a whopping $108.00 and thought "yes, I can make that."  So here it is and yes, instructions will be forthcoming.  But until then  here are a few pictures:

Up close picture, to show zig zag stitching